About the app

Reci-P is a handy professional app to create, organize and save recipes and dishes. Made by chefs, Reci-P is ideal for chefs to use in restaurant kitchens. You can save a lot of time by quickly entering recipes and dishes and you can easily multiply your recipes with the built-in multiplier. In the administrator account you have the overview and you can create an account for each cook in your brigade and give them access to the recipes and dishes they will work with. Everyone can work independently with a detailed explanation including photos and videos where necessary. From now on, that old folder with recipes can be thrown away because with a digital recipe book that is available on every screen, you create the new quality standard for your restaurant. A stunning result on the plate again and again, that's the goal of every restaurant and the reason that your guests keep coming back. Reci-P brings you one step closer to that goal.