Working with us

When you start with Reci-P, you first create an account, this is your administrator account in which you will create and save recipes and dishes. Creating new recipes and dishes can be done both in the app and via the website (Admin Panel). By entering ingredients you create your own ingredients list so that the input will become faster and faster. Easily add photos and videos from your phone, tablet or desktop and create your own database of recipes and dishes.

Every chef has his own way of working, which is why Reci-P offers the option to customize the input of recipes and dishes. Some preparations require more explanation than others and that is why you decide how many details you enter per recipe. For difficult preparations you can enter photos and/or videos at each step to complete the explanation and for simpler preparations you can simply keep the explanation short and sweet. When creating dishes, you can enter a photo of the dish so that it is clear what a dish should look like and to complete the explanation you can also enter a video of how the dish is plated.

If you log in via the website you will enter your Admin Panel, where you can manage your account and create a personal account for each cook in your brigade. You only enter the name and email address and the cook will then receive an email with which he/she can create his/her own password. Every cook has access to all active dishes and recipes in the account, if you pause a dish or recipe it is no longer accessible to cooks, but it will still be accessible to the administrator. Are you expecting a new cook in the kitchen tomorrow? Then you can create an account so that he/she can prepare for the first working day.

The Reci-P app is intended to make your work and that of every chef in your brigade a little easier. You can start with a free trial to discover the benefits for your business.